Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sun-thing Wonderful

It's a beautiful Thursday -- sunny, clear, with a delicious, cooling breeze and clouds like floating cobwebs that have stuck to the cobalt ceiling. 

On my deck where I write, the herbs are snug in their new pots and the heirloom tomato plant I got from my neighbors looks like it's trying to escape its confines. Is it being lured by the fluffy astilbes, spiky cleomes and feathery ferns surrounding the thistle feeder on the other side of the deck? 

Planted alongside the tomatoes are begonias and a New Guinea impatiens so fiery in their scarlet splendor that they make the coleus beside them tremble. 

I love a July garden. My favorite flower -- the daylily -- is in bloom with dozens of other painted perennials and the gaudy annuals are reaching a size where their incessant blooming becomes hypnotic.

How does your garden grow this lazy July day?