Saturday, February 17, 2007

La Vida Contemplativo

I've commuted a little further than usual this time -- all the way to Puerto Rico with my son to visit my parents. I can't say I regret leaving the ice and the cold. Compared to my daily commute, it's only an extra 2-1/2 hours, not counting the drive to JFK, waiting for the plane and the drive from San Juan to my parents' home in Luquillo. OK, that adds an additonal 4 hours, but who's counting?

Far better than leaving the frigid weather was leaving behind the need to rush, to accomplish, to keep up with the Joneses. Here in Puerto Rico, everything is softer, slower, more relaxed. The sky and water conspire to create shades of blue so dazzling that the mind can't think of enough words to describe them. Azure leaps to mind, as does aqua, turquoise, ultramarine, teal, sapphire, cobalt and every other shade in my paint box.

The result is a chance to slip out of my daily skin and into one slathered with sunblock and indolence. Perhaps this is why I've been able to float without moving a muscle, face turned to the sun, the ocean gently cradling me in its saline embrace. I've never been able to float like this without moving; I've always needed to stay in motion so as not to sink. But somehow, I've been able to release this need and totally relax. If there's any souvenir I wish I could return to Connecticut with, it's that.

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scottallen008 said...

guess that being in the water prevented you from taking photos, but hopefully you kept your camera handy for when you got out. the floating part sounds like being in the Dead Sea, without the slimey feeling. correct?