Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I came, I saw, I blogged


As a newbie in the world of altered art, art blogs and paper crafts, I often surf the Web for inspiration. One of the best art blogs belongs to Michelle Ward of the The Green Pepper Press and Somerset Studio fame. Gathering my courage to join the art community, I decided to accept Michelle's GPP Street Team challenge to journal my blogging of 2007 -- as Michelle put it, "to give evidence that I was here and made stuff." It worked out perfectly since this blog was started exactly a year ago in Puerto Rico while visiting my parents. And I make a lot of stuff -- but more about that in future blogs.

The process of printing what I had blogged and creating entries in my art journal was a trip on a moebius loop. Most of my blog entries feature art I made in my journal, so after awhile it began to feel like those photos of someone looking in a mirror at themselves looking in a mirror at themselves looking in a mirror . . . ad infinitum. A little odd and at the same time, kind of cool. Introspective and retrospective simultaneously. And it gave me a chance to journal about my surgery in October, which I couldn't do at the time.

I hope if you are reading this you'll drop me a comment and say "hello." It would be great to make new friends. And if you can explain to me how to add Internet buttons and the like, I'd be so grateful! I really would like to link back to the GPP Street Team.

Thanks for stopping by!

I grabbed an opportunity to journal a little more of beautiful Puerto Rico.

My recovery from surgery when the three dominant themes were food from friends, pain and TV.

It was such a difficult holiday season -- but the moon that accompanied us home from the movies on Christmas night was so magical it felt like a present.


michelle ward said...

Hey Jeri Ann - glad to have you hop off your train and onto ours! Makes me so happy when we have new friends to meet because they are willing to go out on a limb and share their stuff! Thanks for showing us your journal pages. Moebius is the perfect word for this assignment to journal-your-blog then blog-your-journal, even more twisted if your blog post was about a journal page! It's all about getting to see the value of having your online efforts put on paper :)

Glad to have you playing on our team!

Julie said...

Newbie?? Your pages are fantastic!! Thank you for also stopping by my blog! I DIG your black pages!

Ahhh...burnt popcorn.. delicious. :)

Caty said...

Love your pages! Great way to say things :)

eb said...

love this Moebius train ride...

xox - eb.

Tally O said...

I love the "Please Stand By" page - there's a lot going there! I'm making my way down the list for this crusade. This was my first crusade with Michelle.

LaY hOoN said...

I love your pages here. Especially the 'moon' page.

Jodi Barone said...

I am happy to have found your site. Thank you for sharing your work. I love the moon piece especially. I hope you have recovered from your surgery. Despite the rough season, your post is permeated by your joy and excitement about creating. It is great to get to know each other through this highly creative medium.

Loudlife said...

I felt the same way, expecially on my 2nd entry - I journalled my blog, and then blogged my journall on the very same blog post! Made my head swirl.

Your pages are fantastic! The train and the Christmas Moon pages are my favorites. I can't believe you're a newbie.

I would be happy to help you with buttons, etc. Please ask me any question, I'll do my best to give clear, easy to follow instructions.

Thanks for sharing!

PLO said...

How can you be a newbie? These pages are wonderful! The train is my fave.

Penny said...

Your train page is absolutely incredible! Oh, how I wish I could see it in person! The layout is just devine, the imagery beautiful!

Scott said...

The artwork is very creative, the commentary incisive, the humor subtle, the pain is real, and the healing ongoing. Keep up the great work on all fronts!!

Scott said...

The artwork is very creative, the commentary incisive, the humor subtle, the pain is real, and the healing ongoing. Keep up the great work on all fronts!!

Maj said...

Hi Jery Ann, I know how you feel about starting afresh! I found publishing my new blog helps me through a difficult period and daily pain right now. And when people like you leave comments, it makes the whole thing so much more fun, thank you!
I like the very clear design of your journal pages and your humor!

Ursula Clamer said...

These journal pages are quite amazing, they convey quite different emotions. Ux