Thursday, January 8, 2009

Burning and Itching

I'm burning with ideas and itching to make news things. Did you think I meant in the sense of those tasteless commercials for personal preparations? For shame!

Oh, OK, you caught me. 

I was trying to get your attention, but I do have all kinds of new ideas. I set out on Monday to recharge my inspiration batteries. And boy, did they get a recharge! Stephanie at Rodrigvitz Style gave me the first jolt with her post and link about TtV effects. These "photos" when layered in Photoshop can make your new photo look like it was taken through an old fashioned viewfinder camera, such as a Brownie Instamatic. Tres cool!

Then there's the new Crusade at GPP Street Team. Michelle Ward is challenging us to play with shapes. I've been thinking about some of my favorites -- leaves, flowers and letter forms. Right now I have a book of traditional Japanese family crests at my elbow. I love these crest designs for their brilliant use of simplified shapes. Very inspirational. Check out the Crusade here. Anyone can play!

Then there's my exploration of my new Photoshop Elements 6 for Mac program. Superlatives abound! I am having so much fun, and probably driving Julie at Casa de Luggage a little loco with my pleas for tutorials. However, I am catching on and trying to behave. My north star is some good advice from Michelle -- 1. Learn by playing. 2. Scan your work and finish it on the computer. 3. Play some more.

The art above was my first attempt. I scanned "Head of a Young Woman" by Leonardo da Vinci from an art book. Then I printed it and collaged it into my journal. I scanned the page, then went nuts downloading free brushes. That was a learning experience in itself. (Many thanks to Obsidian Dawn, Seishido, gvalkyrie at Brusheezy and zombizi.) Finally, I added brushes and the TtV effect and the results you see at the top of the post. A bit klutzy, but I'm on my way.

My next two projects are my first altered book, which I am turning into a journal, and an idea inspired by a random page turned at a bookstore. It challenged the reader to write ten good things about each person to whom she was close. I want to do it as an art journal. Some people will be easy and some will be hard -- but that's the point, I think. Learning to appreciate challenging loved ones will help me look at them differently. And what is art about if not learning to open the heart and mind and truly see?


Kim Mailhot said...

Sounds like a cool idea to make a journal celebrating people you are close to. Isn't funny too, how those who are the most "challenging" are often the ones we learn the most from ?
Glad you are on the wave of new creativity.
Hope to join in soon...thanks for your encouraging words today.

Anonymous said...

Is she calling me "challenging"?? lol

ARE YOU KIDDING ME! That is one fantastic digi collage!! Well done, don't need any're well on your way!

eb said...

I am SO inspired
gotta try out those tuts...

xox - eb.

Stephanie said...

Looks great! All the layers and warm yummy color...those ttv's and transparencies are addicting aren't they??!!