Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Roses for Shannon

Our friend, Michelle Ward, is on her way to Minnesota to gather with family on the first anniversary of the loss of her beautiful sister, Shannon.

But before she left, the magnificent book we created arrived in her hands.

Any words I could use to describe her reaction would pale in comparison to the reveal Michelle left on her blog. Go HERE to see it.

But I do want to thank all of you for your generosity, your talent, your love and your endless patience as we waited to exactly the right moment to send Michelle the Book of Love.

Not a single person let the secret slip. 

Special thanks to my fellow secret agents, Julie Prichard and Lisa Hoffman, who made our months of planning and plotting such a joy.

That gorgeous beast of a book is Julie's artistic genius. She sewed miles of thread and created the Michelle-perfect cover. Visit The Land of Lost Luggage to see more.
Our inside woman and voice of reason was Lisa. She kept us laughing and contributed the perspective we needed so badly. You can visit her HERE.

And corresponding with all of you, receiving your artistic treasures and your heartwarming comments, meant the world to all three of us.

Thank you. 


michelle ward said...

the roses are lovely jeriann, thank you.

i think seth put it best when commenting on the Book of Love, "i hope the heavy book lightens the load". INDEED. truly beautiful unique and amazing.

our 'unveiling day' will be crowded with kindred spirits. xo

Maj said...

Jeriann, thank you for being secret agent on this project, together with Julie and Lisa. It means a lot to me to be part of this gift of love! xo Maj Carita

Maj said...

And WOW! It sure turned out well!

Kim Mailhot said...

Thanks so much, JeriAnn, for being a force behind getting all our Love to Michelle. It has been such a joy !
You are such an amazing soul !
Much love !

Becci said...

Thank you so much for this act of kindness! It will be cherished by her and her family forever!

Julie Prichard said...

xoxo JeriAnn!!

Janet said...

Thank you so much for getting this project going and keeping us all on track. I feel truly blessed to have been a part of it.

Seth said...

Thanks so, so much for organizing this project and putting so much work into it! So glad i could be a part of it too!

Stephanie said...

Jeri Ann, you and the others are angels...indeed....

so very happy to have played a tiny role.


kathy McCreedy said...

Dear Jeri Ann,
Many thanks and much love for your idea and your organization behind this terrific project for our friend, Michelle. I am SO grateful to have been a part of it...
all my best, Kathy

Carmen said...

Thank you for being part of the mastermind team on this project. I am so happy to have been a small part of it.

inge said...

Hello JeriAnn,

i don't know you really ...yet... but as the person who started this whole project I know you must be creative ànd have a big heart !!

I was one of the lucky persons to be contacted and I'm very happy I am part of this project.

I bookmarked the flickrsite, so I can look the pages over and over again. They are all great and the way Julie binded them together in a book is awesome.

I was moved to tears when I read Michelles post about the recieving. I think we could comfort her a bit as we hoped the book would do.

I made a post about the Secret Project and I had just recieved an award from someone. I reward this blog award to you too : have a look at my blog if you would like. Don't feel obliged to send it further, but I like the signification of it...

greetings from Belgium

KathrynAntyr said...

What a lovely collection of flowers to share this story. I feel so much gratitude to you and everyone who made this book for our dear friend Michelle. There is so much love and talent in our tribe.

{soul hugs}

Linda said...

JeriAnn, the book turned out just so gorgeous, what a lifelong keepsake for Michelle of love and friendship and healing. Your pages were lovely and the idea itself was beautiful. Thanks for letting me be included. xox