Thursday, December 3, 2009

reSIGNed to being late

I have been playing along with Michelle Ward's GPP Street Team Crusades for quite awhile, although lately work and responsibilities have been taking up most of my time. However, when I heard that Michelle's latest Crusade was "What's Your Sign?" I wanted to play along.

The sign I wanted to talk about wasn't a visual one but rather a song. It's called "Lecha Dodi" and it means "Come My Beloved" in Hebrew. We sing it at the beginning of Friday night services to welcome the Sabbath. While the words are always the same, there are many tunes. The last conversation I ever had with my Uncle Herbie was when he was in the hospital awaiting surgery. He had end-stage diabetes and the doctors were about to do something drastic that they hoped would save his life. I wanted to see him, but I had a heavy cold, so my Aunt Selma told me to call instead.

During our conversation, I mentioned how I was trying to remember a tune to "Lecha Dodi" I hadn't heard since my Youth Group days. My uncle, who loved telling jokes and stories and being the center of attention, immediately launched into not one, but dozens of variations on the melody until we found the one I was looking for. Even on the phone he was on stage and having a ball. It was a wonderful "visit." Sadly, he only lived a couple of days after his surgery.

Ever since then, whenever I hear "Lecha Dodi" I think of Uncle Herbie. At times when I've heard the song I think I see a man who looks like him, only to turn and see that I am wrong. Or am I?

But other than "Lecha Dodi" I would have said I don't have signs. Then something odd happened. Right after Michelle first mentioned this Crusade, I was taking photos of a beloved tree for Getting Arboreal, a collaboration with my friend Julie Prichard. There, on the same street, was a house I've never seen before. This house.

It had Michelle written all over it.

I was amazed. Why hadn't I seen it before? I'd been on that street a hundred times.

Monday, it occurred to me that I was about to be late -- AGAIN -- for a Crusade. It was lunchtime and I was out on my daily camera safari. I was shooting store windows and the last of the leaves and decided to poke my head into a store and was startled to see this.

Anyone who knows Michelle knows that deer are one of her signs. Now I know it's the holiday season and reindeer are ubiquitous, but walking into a store full of sparkly reindeer the moment you have the thought?

Perhaps someone was trying to tell me something. So here I am, late but present. All that's missing is someone singing "Lecha Dodi."


michelle ward said...

Oh JeriAnn - I have goosebumps on top of goosebumps. LOVED your story of your uncle, and singing the song together - what a special moment and memory. And what a lovely thing to be reminded of him with song.

Love the house photo, especially those birds on the bannister!!! And those deer....I'm fainting. What a divine sign. The circular thing about it is not only do I have the deer as my special sign for Shannon, but now you are part of that connection after receiving your journal page in the Big Book of Love.

Round and round we go....connecting the dots and widening the circle of awareness.

Thanks for plugging in and sharing all of this, regardless of timing.

Julie said...

WOW You are a sign a lightning rod, but for signs? In tune my tune.


Kim Mailhot said...

What a glorious post, JeriAnn ! I have been so busy with things that I haven't been playing along with the Crusades like I would wish - this one in particular inspired me a lot and yet here we are in December...Maybe I will find some quiet evening between now and the end of the month and sit and think about my signs too. I have many of them...
I love the story of your Sweet Uncle and your singing connection. And those dear Deers, just perfectly circular as Michelle said...
Lovely blessings that you connected those signs so well.
Much love to you, Talented Wise One.

Stephanie said...

I'd say the signs were written pretty clearly here. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story, it touches me on many levels. Time is rushing by so quickly...I look forward to this coming week of slowing down in NM...I will be watching for signs...