Thursday, September 4, 2008

Getting a little sketchy

Do you know Lisa Hoffman? Teacher, blogger, artist, friend of Michelle Ward and all around sly boots. She posted some yummy sketches on her blog and inspired me to share a few of my own. After all, they're just sitting around feeling insecure and unloved since I've been busy making collages on any surface that won't move. (An excellent threat to get a teenager off the couch by the way!)

I took pad and pen and went to my favorite listening spot, the only untamed garden in the condo complex where I live. It's on the bank of a stream and right now it's all purple and gold. I will take some photos to post here later on. 

The pokeweed was in full bloom. I love pokeweed. Yes, I know it's a weed but what is a garden plant other than a cultivated, well-placed weed? So I drew on a page I'd already painted red and added more color when I got home. 

Here is a sketch from my travel journal. I often muse that the insecurity some of us feel about our work can be like a big, noisy parrot on our shoulder we can't shut up. However, on this trip the parrot became my subject since we were in Puerto Rico and parrots were like flashing prisms of color in the rain forest. 

Say! Here's a way to stifle your inner critic -- draw it. Maybe it just want a little attention, just like the rest of us.


Anonymous said...

I do 'know' Lisa..she's a peach! Your sketches look really good! I especially like your parrot. Sqwak!

Lisa H said...


PLEASE Keep posting your sketches when the spirit moves you!

Love them.
Fresh and juicy style.

seth said...

Love the colors in the first page and the sketches in your second. Look forward to seeing more. Thanks too for your comment on my blog!

Robin said...

The pokeweed is completely killer. Makes me want to go right out and try to draw.