Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What's your Rosh?

The theme in September over at Michelle Ward's GPP Street Team has been cleaning your plate. This happens to coincide with the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, a time when we do just that -- clean up physically, emotionally and spiritually. It's a time to start over, ask forgiveness from those we've wronged and forgive those who have wronged us. A sort of spiritual house cleaning. 

I'd like to say that a physical housecleaning has gone along with it, but even though I want to fix up the bedrooms and find a permanent spot to make art, that hasn't happened. Instead, I started some steady part-time work and went to visit friends. The spirit is willing but the body has been away from home.

But the metaphysical traveller within me has been cleaning up her inner room in order to head out to new destinations. Being in synagogue for the Jewish New Year services has given me a chance to be still and listen. A fabulous book I am reading, Speaking of Faith by Krista Tippett (host of NPR's Speaking of Faith) is giving me an expanded way of seeing the biggest picture. And a recent visit with a wise kabbalah student has been an opportunity for juicy conversation about something I've always believed, that we are all connected.

So while I still have piles of paper and projects demanding attention, the inner room is getting into order. And maybe that's the best way to clean my plate, although I still need it for apples and honey. What better way to wish all of my friends a sweet and fruitful New Year? 


Kim Mailhot said...

Happy happy New Year ! Sounds like you are taking excellent care of your "plate". May the big picture continue to get clearer and clearer for you this year and may you find a place to "play", be it a home or on your road...

michelle ward said...

happy new year jeri ann. sweet and fruitful to you too. i'm glad you shared your post with the team. i am with you - cleaning the inner rooms is a valuable exercise. i truly believe we are all connected and will investigate your book recommendation.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, JeriAnn! This is a really meaningful post... I love that you mentioned this instead of how you cleaned out your closets or something...well said.

Maj said...

I am with you! Wonderful post! Being under the weather here, leaves piles of plates to be cleared, but plenty of time to do the inner evaluation and get rid of what I don't need anymore. Your "commuters train" is one I like to jump on and ride for a bit ever so often!
A Happy New Year to you!

Stephanie said...

Happy New Year JeriAnn,
Wonderful post and the book is one I'm going to go look for.


Anna said...

Happy New Year, Jeri Ann. You are so right, once the inner is clear, everything else follows!