Wednesday, October 8, 2008

For Ariel on her 20th

Ariel Mermaid

If I could, I would give you juicy words bound in pages
that would let you take flight
or dissolve yourself in the colors and shapes
of the Modern masters on silky smooth and glossy plates

But my gift will be virtual
and without paper boundaries
so we can visit beautiful Tuscany
and sit in the shade of a cypress and paint

Then stroll into town
and order espressos from someone young and dark
and beautiful
with languid eyes the color of Roman coffee
Paulo, I think, or maybe Tomaso

And I will tell you of the places we must travel
to London and Sydney and San Francisco
to see the irreverent street art 
of the brilliant Banksy

Or to Barcelona
where all things Gaudi

will give us fresh eyes
when we visit Senor Picasso

When our feet are tired
I will tell you of other places
bizarre and symbolic and Dali-esque world

And the realm saturated in color and form

Or alive with line and motion
from the hand of Jesse Reno

And along the way
there will be smaller travels
to mine the tiny gems of Georgia O'Keefe

Or the great Henri Matisse

But mostly, Ariel, I want to give you food
for inspiration
and contemplation
and ways to see the world 
both fresh and deep.

Happy Birthday, Ariel.
Once a merchild, you now walk upon legs of your own.
May all your journeys be full of wonder and joy and discovery.


Anonymous said...

Great collection of artists, JeriAnn!

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday have a very special mom to share this wide range of inspiration with you!!