Sunday, November 22, 2009

Leafing it for last

Man, is this embarrassing. I've fallen behind on the very idea Julie (of Land of Lost Luggage fame) and I had dreamed up. I've even had the photos ready. And yet Getting Arboreal: A Nature Collection has been sitting in my iPhoto folder, neglected. Forgive me, friends.

Three of my tree friends were revisited for part deux. The lovely Japanese maple next door.

Can I just say again how much I love Japanese maples?

And a return trip to the pin oak planted to commemorate the 1912 Connecticut Constitutional Convention. I confess I got this one a little on the early side. As we drove by today we couldn't help noticing that all of the leaves are gone. Alas.

And my backyard buddy, the pink dogwood I like to call Rover.

Sit Rover. Stay.

Good boy!


Julie said...

Nice, JeriAnn....I love those pinks!!

Stephanie said...

Good boy indeed!! not a trace of color here, so this is a treat to see the shots you saved.

Kim Mailhot said...

Beautious !!! Have to say, we have the same taste in trees ! Dogwoods are so magnificent in every single season ! And those delicate maple leaves - like fanned out fingers of beautiful, tiny hands...
Worth the wait to revisit that color of just a few weeks ago !
Have a great week, beautiful Jeri-Ann !

Lisa Hoffman said...

Beautiful. I bow to the glory of all trees, leafy and bare.

Thanks for the Japanese Maple shots.
I think that they are one of the most graceful trees. You can almost "Hear" them twinkling in the breeze.

Great work, as usual.
This place always leaves me happy.
Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving back to YOU my Dear!