Sunday, November 15, 2009

One week ago

Last Sunday we went to my sister's for a belated birthday celebration for the October girls -- me and Mom. The weather was gorgeous and one of my favorite photographer buddies and I set out to record the beautiful things in his neighborhood.

Then we came upon his neighbor's house. This wasn't any neighbor but a professional puppeteer who had worked on Sesame Street. His jack o' lanterns were a bit -- different.

Really different. These are only two vignettes. There were a half dozen more.

Back home, Joseph's little brother had art that continued the theme. Love this crow!

Soon it was time for dinner. What else could you expect from a family of artists but colorful food?

And a surprise guest. Notice the blue painter's tape. Obviously he had been making art, too.

Then it was time for the beautiful, homemade pumpkin cake. Please note the soccer ball being held by the young lady in the background.

No sooner were the candles extinguished than the soccer ball accidentally landed right on the top of the cake. Easiest method of extracting candles, ever.

She was embarrassed but you know what? That cake was scrumptious and we all had seconds. Can't beat a birthday celebration like that!

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Stephanie said...

Happy belated birthday JeriAnn! I am laughing at the soccer ball ending up in the cake..AND purple brocolli (or is that cauliflower?) at any rate what a lovely time and what a lovely family!!

I am savoring your fall photos!