Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lucky charms

Pink stars, yellow ginko, orange moons. I've taken a break from my daily photos to offer something else that has seized me in its grip -- playing with color. It all started with laying down a few backgrounds for a new 2010 journal. I was going to get off to a rousing start and do a page a day.

I did keep that promise. Sort of.

But the laying down color sort of grabbed ahold of me and before I knew it, all 70 pages were filled with my mad experiments, with only about six that could really be called collage. Before I am overwhelmed again with the work that has kept me from my blog, I want to share a few of my paintings. I'm not sure they deserve that title, but for lack of another word, let's go with that. Paintings.

Works for me. Does it work for you?


Kim Mailhot said...

Works for me ! I especially love all the color in the first one. Best thing about your "paintings" ? You taking the time out of your busy schedule to play ! Yay !
Happy Sunday, lovely JeriAnn !

Stephanie said...

It does work for me...sounds like you filled an entire journal

drunk on color...I am