Friday, June 11, 2010

Trying to balance

Still planning my plans and dreaming of having enough time to actually make them a reality, but the sundrops have opened and the garden is blooming. Where do we go to make the essential part of our lives match the things we must do to survive? The only answer I can see is to be present every moment, free from stories that would block our view, and drink it all in. As someone once said -- "Life is what happens while you're making other plans."

How do you maintain your balance?


Stephanie said...

Hi JeriAnn,
Lots to think you find it's easier to be HERE in beautiful spring weather...I know I do.

to sit among those blooms, smell and listen...

it's good to make plans but also good to stay open to all possibilities...always open


Stephanie said...

You emails get bounced back to me when I try to email you directly...I tried to tell you this in regard to my post;
Yes JeriAnn!!
Can you believe this place. So many cools things, apparently the owners got this idea when biking through Belgium...after you have worked for them for 5 years they send you to Belgium to ride that route!! After working for 1 year they buy you your own fat tire bike to ride to work.

It's crazy fun!!

I also peeked into your Thinking Girl blog, you are such a beautiful writer...will be going back to read the past posts.