Friday, September 3, 2010

Missing you

The summer has flown by without a word from me as I attempt to balance all that is going on in my life. I am well, but a bit overwhelmed. Computer problems have compounded my absence from Bloglandia and the friends I have made. I miss you all. How has your summer been?


Seth said...

Wishing you well. Perhaps with the change of season will come a change for you too -- and things will settle down! Hang in there.

Stephanie said...

It has flown, that's for sure. Finding that balance, always such a challenge, hope the change in season will be a good one for you friend.


Kim Mailhot said...

Missed you too, JeriAnn ! I know about the balancing act though so I understand your absence.
Summer has been good to me. Lots of beach time, family time, David and Me time and a little art time thrown in. Not to mention that it was a real summer temperature wise here in New England, right ? Feels like time is flying so incredibly fast though...every season seems to be done in a flash...stopping and celebrating the moment and being as mindful as possible helps...
I hope you will have time to catch up with us soon. Your presence is always such a joy for me.
Sending you big big balancing love !

Stephanie said...

Checking in...looks like a new look to spark your interest, it sparked mine.


steven Peery said...

Hi Jeriann,

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Steven Peery said...

Hi JeriAnn,

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steven c. peery said...

Hi JeriAnn,

Steve in New Haven again: Read my last msg. and the web address for my site had an extra . - or, as I mentioned in msg. #1, google bravuraphotography. Oh well, if nothing else, I am thorough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope all is well with you - Steve Peery

Kraxpelax said...



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steven c. peery said...


JeriAnn, you are as superb a photographer as ever - even better!!!!! This is image is restrained in color (an easy error to inflict with such a composition)and yet it radiates the power of its inherent forms. Just marvelous, period.

I am at the same, same job. Sold my three cameras and 2 lenses to create an cash acct. to buy an Epson 3880 - going for the big time!!!!!! BUT, couldn't have comprehended the complete suffering of having 0 camera. Turned around and purchased my second Canon T2i with 55mm lens just 3 days after parting with my equipment - used credit so my 3880 funds remained intact. WOW, what a sharp lens whose performance has far outrun my wildest dreams: All the photos in the upper quadrent of are taken with this lens.

The 'Yum' collage in your current posting just blows my socks off - incredible talent as an artist and a photographer. INCREDIBLE, INCREDIBLE!!!!!!! WHAT AT PERSON!!!!!!!!!

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How are things going? I hope everything is reasonably OK.

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