Friday, May 16, 2008

Now presenting

While the GPP Street Team Crusade 19 is over, I had one last stencil technique to conquer. I wanted to learn how to do portrait stencils. And who better to stencil than my own Bar Mitzvah Boy? 

Cutting the stencil was easy. The challenge was to find a way without Photoshop to reduce a photo to it's black-and-white essence while maintaining just enough detail. After much experimentation, voila!

I need to explore Michelle's new challenge -- paper casting. But the wheels have been turning about portrait stencils. Perhaps an order to Dharma Trading is in order for some fabric paint. How cool would it be to throw a party and let kids stencil their own portraits on T-shirts? Great use for those old day camp shirts. Maybe later this summer. Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

It's a really great looking stencil! I keep missing the details that I need when I try this- you did a NICE job!

michelle ward said...

JeriAnn - first, congrats to you and your son that big event is over!

What a great looking stencil!! I'm catching up with you and see I've missed several posts. Love your saffron-caped-dudes too, they really make a statement. Can you believe the next crusade is casting and you have stashes of tissue? You'd think we were in cahoots!

Thanks for sharing with the team!

Wabbit said...

JeriAnn, this is beautiful! (What a cutie son you have too.) Your stencil is everything I am trying to make mine and hve just not yet succeeded. Fabulous!!! Marilyn

Becci said...

This stencil really looks great! a t-shirt making party would be so fun! I had one for my son at 7 years old. We had 5 boys around the table with colored Sharpie markers, red vines and other goodies. Those boys still talk about it today 19 years later!

Have a great hair day! Becci

Suzanne said...

Cool stencil! As for your t-shirt party, one of the others who participated in the stencil crusade used bleach over their stencils on dark t-shirts instead of paint, and they turned out really cool!

Kim Mailhot said...

Wow ! You have refined your stencils to an art !!!Fantastic ! I think the idea of a t-shirt party is a great one, for kids or adults ! The themes could be endless - a stencil of yourself, your hero or heroine, favorite personality, alter egos, etc... Great idea !
Thanks for you sweet and encouraging comment on my paper casts !

Ursula Clamer said...

WOW!! This is amazing, you have certainly master this technique. Well done!

Loudlife said...

Wow JeriAnn! This is fabulous! You did a great job! I am waaaaaaaay too chicken to attempt something like this.