Thursday, May 8, 2008

The unkindest cut of all

Weeks ago, eb inspired me with these saffron warriors and their silent plea for peace and freedom in their homeland of Burma/Myanamar. I wanted to run right out and get more mylar so I could create a new stencil with their image, but the Bar Mitzvah Boy had his big day coming up and there was much to do. The monks were set to one side as I began cooking and decorating and practicing Hebrew.

Well, our wonderful day is over and the monks have become more timely than ever. They are trying to distribute aid to their people following the devastation of Cyclone Nargis without the interference of their totalitarian government. To learn more, go HERE.

The devastation due to Cyclone Nargis has been terrible. You can see the extent by going to this map and rolling your browser over it. It will show you an aerial shot of before and after the cyclone hit. The people were never warned by their government and so the death toll has been staggering. 

I don't like to combine current issues with my art blog. There are other places where I write about current events in my capacity as a journalist. But these monks are telling me that I cannot separate their image from their cause, so I leave it to you, gentle reader.

You can get your own monks by going here. Many thanks to eb for the inspiration and a lesson in the power of art.

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eb said...

these are BEautiful and so very powerful - oh my goodness JeriAnn - I am - I want to say blown away - well gee whiz - I am - blown away by the power of this whole flow - yours are just incredible - thanks so much for responding and calling my attention to these walking meditations on love, peace and healing...


xox - eb.