Saturday, May 31, 2008

My Mother's Eyes

It's been a busy weekend. Somehow, it has become all about eyes. My mother, still gorgeous at 81, just had a cornea transplant. The doctor is thrilled with the outcome of the surgery and although he only operated on one eye, it may turn out that her bad eye will become her almost perfect eye. Amazing!

I'm also dealing with an eye problem that I'm hoping will resolve soon. I go to the ophthalmologist this week to find out.

But the cutest eyes of the weekend are the ones I'm painting for the children at my son's former elementary school. They are performing in The Wiz. I've been volunteering my theatrical make-up skills to create lions and scarecrows and tin woodsmen and a variety of witches. If I can get some photos I'll post them here. The kids are wonderful in their roles and even more fun to work with. They go to a magnet school that puts on musicals of high school caliber. Truly wonderful!

So this weekend, the eyes have it.


somepinkflowers said...

i enjoy your journal pages,
how they reflect your feelings
in such a creative way.

it is as if we read
your visual diary.


my mom is 85
and has eye issues as well.

i celebrate your mom's new vision
and hope it stands her well
for many,many years.

her bad became her best.
i love when that happens...

Judy said...

Hi and thanks so much for your comment on my blog - much appreciated. re; the comment i have not seen the Yiddish book museum but just read the book about it. I did buy lots of books in new York though. Thanks so much for the tip.