Friday, June 6, 2008

Simply Irresistible

The Commuter's Journal primer on how to play with crayons.

1. Go to Michelle Wards GPP Street Team Crusade no. 21 and read all about making rubbings using crayons. Remember how much you loved to color over textures and make grave rubbings and become madly inspired.

2. Raid your son's room for old flyers he was supposed to throw out and baggies of crayons. 

3. Pull out your store-bought stencils to use for impressions. Begin coloring immediately on a number of backgrounds.

4. Swish on some watered-down acrylic craft paint. Pat with paper towel.

5.  Get very excited and try stenciling first, then rubbing and painting.

6. Find a lavender crayon with glitter and go a little nuts.

7. Try three or four more versions, deciding that random light painting on the bottom layer works the best.

8. Remember the Fiskar texture plates you bought on sale for a reason you no longer recall. Jump up and down with excitement as you pull them out and see all the possibilities.

9. Paint the back of a school memo in shades of yellow and orange. Throw in a shot of plum.

10. Try to distract yourself from rubbing while waiting for the paper to dry. Fail utterly. Rip paper but decide you rather like it.

11. Rub an orange yellow and a carnation pink crayon over a plate with flower impressions. Follow up with navy blue paint. Decide it needs a spot of purple. Blot with a paper towel.

12. Become delirious with the results and use up all the old school flyers. Take apart an envelope and use that. Reluctantly stop, then remember there's only two more weeks of school and lots of paper destined to make its way into your hot little (?) hands.

13. Eat chocolate and blog while thinking about the Revolutionary War cemetery near the library. Discard idea for now and scan pages. Wonder what normal people do for fun.

14. Repeat process.


michelle ward said...

Normal people? I don't think I know anyone who is normal! Great post JeriAnn!! Love your narrative, love your samples. Each one has it's own interest with pattern or color - so fun to see all the things you did. Thanks for sharing with the team!!

silverstarsanctuary said...

I haven't done this before! I am so on it! I did heat the melted pieces of crayon for cardstock journal pages a few months back. This is less dangerous as I melted part of my daughter's plastic tabletop with the iron. :)

Anonymous said...

WOW- You're on FIRE!! I Love your step by step tutorial...especially the part where you remind us to stop and eat chocolate. Great crusade, JeriAnn!

Maj said...

I love how you turned your rubbings into patterns. You sure did go wild on this one! ;)

Kim Mailhot said...

Hee hee hee ! I love how you got the frenzy of creativity so perfectly in your post ! Wasn't is so fun ? I need to go and do it again with light colors after seeing your gorgeous results. More "mad scientist" action ! Yippee !

Chris said...

You crack me up, woman, and I'll be back!
I love these effects. And the more I see of alphabet rubbings, the more I'm liking them.
Thanks for sharing!

Susan said...

Your color sense is extraordinary - the choices you make in combining colors for the rubbings make them come alive. Thanks for the inspiration!

inge said...

Hello JeriAnn,

I felt a bit pissed off and tired : my whole day I've been finishing things for school , I hàd to clean my house ( I really hàd to...) and the days almost over again and my body hurts... grrr... I just wanted to be creative today...

Reading you step-by-step guide , there came a smile on my face and you made me laught !
You may be completely crazy if you wish, you made me smile and tickled me to start creating this evening.

I love you examples ànd the colors you used ! I nééd color..
There is one of your examples that did me think of Anne Bagby's rich papers and I do admire her !

I'm off now, must go collecting some rubbingundergrounds and chocolat...

Inge ( from Belgium)

Rosie said...

You mean this isn't normal??? I love what you did and you really made me laugh with your antics! The results are stunning, as are your colour combos... I need to try again I think!!

eb said...

you are so cool JeriAnn - gotta try this!

xox - eb.

Ingrid said...

I don't think "normal" people can have fun. I mean what could be better than your experimentations with wax rubbings? Loved seeing and reading your results!

patty said...

Love the papers and what a great post.

LaY hOoN said...

This is really a great experiment.
Love each and every pattern. Great take !
BEsides, i love your way of collage your art journal. Thanks for inspired me :)
Have a nice day.

KathrynAntyr said...

I love the golden colored one. So rich! Thanks too for your comments on my post. I'm glad you liked how I did my show and tell!

iHanna said...

I like you for liking your torn pages and enjoying the process this much and being able to share it over the internet and with all of us in the street team! great pages, great numbered list! :-)

Anonymous said...

JeriAnn - I love the way you did this crusade! First, I admire the list process. I had never thought of that. Number two, I am dying to go looking for the info on the cemetary nearby. Thank you for the great trip through your process. - Nicki

Anonymous said...

Normal people - bah! These are fantastic! Thank you for explaining each one in such a delightful way!

Sue McGettigan said...

Oh gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Normal? We don't need no stinkin' normal :)