Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Attention Big Bang Theory fans!

I just found the coolest T-shirts on the Web. Cool enough for the costume designer on The Big Bang Theory. Honest!

For those of you who don't know The Big Bang Theory, it's a sitcom about four physics nerds and the pretty girl who lives across the hall. You can guess the premise -- they're geniuses but can't function in the real world. She's an ordinary mortal but has more common sense than the bunch of them combined.

Forget the trite premise. This show ROCKS. Really. It's fast, witty and clever and two of the characters -- roommates Leonard and Sheldon -- wear the coolest T-shirts. In fact, there's an excellent Web site that sells them called Sheldon's Shirts

But the amazing shirts you see here are from a different Web site that I'm excited to tell you about. (Top, Squid Count by akoelle; above, pink roses by LysD.) It's called Design by Humans and features the designs of hundreds of artists. Not only can you buy shirts, you can join them and submit your designs or just sign up and vote for your favorites. But be forewarned, you can spend all day happily browsing.

These shirts may even be too cool for Leonard and Sheldon. But they're not too cool for you. What a great way to rock your inner nerd!

EDIT: Whoops! I forgot to mention that my favorite nerds are on CBS Mondays at 8 p.m.


Stephanie said...

Can't wait to check out this website! Is the show on HBO or SHOWTIME? We don't get either and I miss soooo much, United States of Tara....Dexter....

have to wait for the series on netflix.

no Trader Joe's EITHER...ughhhh

michelle ward said...

Never heard of this show...will check it out! Love that second shirt!! *runs to link you posted*

Anonymous said...

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Keith friz said...

Any fans of this show may like to know I just found a replica of that Rubiks cube Tissue box cover that sits on

the table next to "Sheldon's Spot" - its so cute