Thursday, February 5, 2009


I once complained to a friend that February was the Danny DeVito of months -- short and mean. Then I went and had a baby on her birthday on the last day of February and suddenly, the month was transformed.

Now every February I am guaranteed a Valentine, a companion with whom to visit the folks in Puerto Rico if I can afford to go, and a celebration to plan and anticipate. And I've even come to realize that February has its own icy beauty and Danny DeVito is a great family man, actor, producer and director. Someone I wouldn't mind my February baby emulating.

Isn't it amazing what a little change of perspective can do for you?


amy said...

Yes perspective changes everything doesn't it? And my 4 yr old daughter and I are looking at the white squirrel and are amazed because we didn't know that there were white squirrels!

michelle ward said...

love your observance of perspective. happy february. ox

Stephanie said...

February does hold it's own special-ness.

AND Danny DeVito and Mr R share the exact same birthday.

happy February!