Saturday, September 12, 2009

What I did on my summer vacation -- Part Quatre

My sister's family are all artists. Benji's gifts are in the musical and performing fields, but this niece and nephew have visual gifts. What a joy to expand their artistic imaginations. Not that they need much stretching. Look at this homage to Matisse that their dad painted.

That's the pile of artists right there. Ori is 11 and Joey is 8.

And these are the collage journals we created in composition notebooks out of old magazines. Joseph's is fearless and very creative. The ideas flow out of him like water, all painted with his sense of humor.

Penguins on an island vacation.

Composite people.


Ori is equally gifted, but her design gene is stronger.

Like her aunt, each page is deliberated over and done and redone.

She's never satisfied, so this is an exercise in letting go and letting it be.

Pretty apt pupils, I'd say.

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Stephanie said...

Such a creative family, they must have a blast when their aunt the different styles of the journals.