Friday, January 1, 2010

The 12-month challenge

Over at Dispatch from LA the always inspiring Mary Ann Moss celebrated the New Year by sharing just one image from each month of 2009. As a fan, I know how many fabulous photos she takes and admired her restraint and choices. I began to wonder -- could I do that, too? Could I encapsulate 2009 with just one photo a month?

January: We greeted 2009 with Cousin Kyle and Benji's half-sister, Abby. Guess who Abby has a crush on?

February: It was tough to choose between Benji's birthday and this, the fittings for his role in The Music Man, but this won out. Here's Benji with the leading man (far right) and his comic sidekick selecting shades to hide from the paparazzi.

March: Mayor George Shinn (D-River City, IA) and his lovely wife, Eulalie.

April: An unexpected heat wave made us decide to have lunch at the seawall. Big brother gets a hug from a tired Abby who thought the day was just beachy.

May: It was a day of zipping from one state to the next but I managed to see my father lead the Memorial Day parade in the tiny town where I grew up and still catch Benji playing with his middle school band at home.

June: Fathers Day.

July: Another opening, another show. Believe it or not, Benji performed in three shows in 2009, not to mention serving as sound technician in two others.

August: My best friend since the second grade, Rod, came up from Florida for his niece's wedding and we got to visit after a separation of seven years.

September: Benji started high school and got his first band uniform. As his Spanish teacher exclaimed: "Muy guapo!"

October: Another reunion! My friend Karl Stephan, whom I hadn't seen since we graduated high school, was part of the Open Studios in New Haven. It was great to see Karl and his work.

November: My birthday celebration with the family was delayed by a couple of weeks so we marked it in November. This scrumptious pumpkin chocolate chip cake had it's candles put out unexpectedly by the soccer ball in the background. It didn't bother the cake a bit.

: An early Chanukah celebration with my folks before they set off for Florida helped end the year. Looking back, it was a quite a good year, even better than I realized.

So I challenge you: What 12 images speak for your experiences in 2009? Can you edit your year down to just 12 photos? If you take the challenge, let me know. I'd love to see your year!

And here's to a Happy 2010!


Stephanie said...

I love this idea of encapsulating the year in photos! I saw MA's and love your choices....I am working on it :)


michelle ward said...

Family and friends...that's what it really is all about, isn't it? So fun to see your face, and those of your loved ones. Love the new banner. Happy 2010.

Lisa Hoffman said...

How fun!
love the quick "snaps" of 2009....