Wednesday, October 7, 2009

More Inorganic Chemistry

What is it about a visit to artists that inspires?

I am one of those people who never leave home without a camera. Recently I visited a friend I hadn't seen since high school who was participating in the City-Wide Open Studios weekend in New Haven. The studios are in an old factory complex in Erector Square. Out of respect for the artists, I did not shoot their work. But I was entranced by the old building and came away with these images.


Kim Mailhot said...

Love these shots, Jeri-Ann, such a beautiful palette of colors too. Maybe not organic and yet when you look at the patterns created by drips and cracking paint - they are so reminicent of things in nature too.

Thanks for your visit today. I was so good to hear from you. My bittersweet mood is a little more sweet than bitter today, with the love and support and understanding from my friends that sweetens my life so much !
Glad to know you are busy but well.
Hope you have a cozy Wed. evening.
Hugs !

Julie said...

Two great posts, JeriAnn! (Looks like I am a day late.) I have to tell you...your pictures are really great. I love that you carry the camera with you all the time whereas I have to force myself to bring mine. I really like the window shot at the bottom of post 1 and the composition of shots 3 & 5 here are really GREAT!

eb said...

loving these compositions
what an eye you have!

xox - eb.

Seth said...

Amazing textures!