Saturday, October 24, 2009

A season to fall for

I've always thought that fall was our glorious consolation as the pleasures of summer ebb.

Friends in Northern California used to point out how much I liked it there and ask, "So why don't you move here? We never have bad winters like you do in New England."

"But you never have New England autumns, either," I'd reply, and wistfully, they'd admit they had always wanted to experience one.

I love having four seasons, although I confess by February I've had all the winter I care for, thanks very much. But autumn can't last long enough for me. As an October birthday girl, I grew up thinking that fall was my personal season.

Wasn't the world decorated just for the occasion?


Kim Mailhot said...

Beautiful Fall photos, JeriAnn. I was just thinking that Fall is like Nature's big beautiful party dress, put on for everyone and especially for us October babies ! ;)
Happy Birthday ! Much Love !

Julie said... pretty, JeriAnn!

Did we pass your birthday already?

Stephanie said...

Happy BD to you! October birthday girl!!

you are having the fall of my dreams, so beautiful!


Seth said...

Oh these shots are breathtaking!

JudySheaRT said...

Hey Jeri Ann.. I'm a New Englander too.. I love your beautiful photos. I took some myself in a couple of recent blogs.. please stop by. It was definitley a beautiful autumn this year... so colorful...