Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Wing and a Prayer

These magnificent wings soar over the Merritt Parkway in Connecticut, treating motorists with the eyes to see to a glorious sight.

Fortunately for me, they are not far from my home and on the route I take everyday. Often I've passed them and wished I had the time to stop.

One day I passed them right before sunset and the slanting golden light was so glorious, I knew this was the time of day I needed to capture but continued on my way. For a year, I scolded myself but kept going.

Then last Saturday I met with artist friends during the New Haven Citywide Open Studios and we got to talking about how much of photography was capturing the ephemeral moment. The next day, on my way home from picking up my boy, the lighting was perfect and I was in no hurry.



Julie said...


Kim Mailhot said...

Your wings are so beautiful to behold, Jeri-Ann !

BTW - Thank you for you sweet blog love as I stretch my own wings. The support,encouragement and friendship you give me is so very, very appreciated.
Big Love, talented One !

Seth said...

What a wonderful sight to pass by! Captured beautifully by your eye!

Stephanie said...

oh yeah! Here's to the moment!

michelle ward said...

wow, gorgeous. how cool you finally had time to visit the wings, and had a moment to enjoy them up close while taking in the sunset. now every time you pass them you will remember that day.

i love that they are just wings.
not attached to anything.
can be interpreted so many ways.
and they could even be stood in front of....what a great pose that would be :)