Thursday, December 11, 2008

Even More Squirrely

They've been nibbling on these. Here is the evidence.

And not a pumpkin made it through the fall intact. Not even these beauties.

The result? Obese squirrels. I hear from friends across the country they've never seen their squirrels this big. Could they have been frightened by the recent economic news?

Or should we expect one of THOSE winters? No matter. The pantry is stocked and my Man Child is getting thermal socks for Chanukah. 

The squirrels have spoken.

1 comment:

Kim Mailhot said...

Please no, not one of THOSe winters !!!! Maybe they are fat because the summer was too short and they didn't get to run around enough ? I like that better ! ;-)

Now, can I use that excuse for my thickening waist too ?

Happy Thursday evening !