Thursday, December 18, 2008

More to Sea: Dec. views

The morning I drove to the seawall to take my beach photos.

I couldn't resist photographing the surroundings. This is Skateland, once a mecca for teeny boppers.

A relic of a different time.

Blind to the beauty outside its door. 

Wild surf being held in check.

But just barely.

I decided to treat myself to breakfast with a view, hoping the formidable armor on the exterior wasn't a barrier against a hot breakfast.

The classic Mom-and-Pop diner, named for Mary and Nick and still run by their family.

The interior is like a movie set dressed by childhood memories. The waitresses make conversation. The perfect place for a sun-drenched, seaside breakfast.

"Oh, look," said my waitress placing my pate on the table. "Your toast looks like a heart. Maybe it means you're about to find love." 


Kim Mailhot said...

How cute was that waitress ! Looks like a perfect artist's date !

Anonymous said...

I wonder what your waitress does when she is not waiting tables...seems not very many people would look for shapes in toast. I think it's really cool she pointed that out!

Love the beach shots idea...I hope we can grow the portfolio and get some others to post about their beaches! I'm looking forward to doing this with you again. :)

Stephanie said...

I love your beach shots and most of all the shots of steel and steel blue, rocks and metal and sky...

eb said...

what a beautiful post - heart toast and skating relics - yes - I did my share...
oh the memories
thank you

xox - eb.