Thursday, December 25, 2008


"The times when each one of us becomes aware that we are awake and alive, that we are no longer dreaming but that this is real Life — we are in these moments experiencing the Other Consciousness, the Power we call God. This Consciousness is unblinking and constant, welcoming, familiar, full of acceptance and hope. 

"It was in moments of awareness of this Consciousness that Abraham heard God’s voice, that Moses encountered a tree lit by a Fire that did not consume, where Buddha Gotama stood his ground until the Truth revealed Itself, and where Jesus Christ walked with the Father as His One True Living Metaphor. Christians celebrate the conception and birth of this Consciousness at Christmas, and it’s victory over darkness and death on Easter Sunday morning. All religions, in fact, celebrate this on their high holy days.

"And one day we will all wake up and realize that the sorrows and sufferings of this world are over and the fearful dragon that threatened to devour us in endless trauma has evaporated like a nightmare does in the sound and light of a new day. We will then find each other and all hold hands and laugh and sing."

-- Charles F. Tekula Jr.

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