Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Man in the Suit: Dec. views

Tonight is the night!

My dears, I know you will be waiting for Santa tonight.

Don't worry a bit about the rain making our snow soft and mushy. He will come.

I have made Snickerdoodles for you to leave out for Santa. A Christmas present from your Jewish auntie. You will remember to include a glass of milk and carrots for the reindeer, won't you?

The reindeer get hungry flying all over the world. You can check here to see Santa's progress. Say, is that Rudolph?

Look! I see Santa's footprints.

Yes, I think he's near. You know that Frosty returns with him each year.

There he is! It looks like he's checking his list and trying to figure out where to go next.

He's coming! Quick! Off to bed!

Merry Christmas to all my Santas, big and small, who have gifted me in so many wonderful ways all year. May your Christmas be merry and bright.

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